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Business Center

Business events

In addition to all the structure provided, the Historic Farm Hotel Dona Carolina also offers differentiated experiences to make your event even more attractive.


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Sala Azul 400 m²

On road and off road track

For automobile events, we have an On road and Off road track with all the necessary infrastructure.

Coffee tour

In an exclusive tour, event participants can get to know the entire production process of Café Dona Carolina. The Tour brings all the details and care with the quality of the plantation until reaching your cup.

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Cachaça tour

In an exclusive tour, event participants can get to know the entire production process of Dona Carolina cachaça. From planting to bottling, from distillation to aging, made in oak barrels imported exclusively from Scotland, the cachaça Dona Carolina is the result of an authentic artisanal production of this famous Brazilian drink. All this with the right to taste our brandy at Botequim.

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We have several themed musical shows, tailored to the events on the farm. The acoustic trio “Café de Raiz” offers a repertoire of reinterpretations of popular Brazilian music, ideal for dinners, meetings and happy hours.

Musical shows

The True Country Music

There is Piano in Samba

The history of Samba

The show “ A Verdadeira Música Caipira ” presents authentic and traditional caipira music, with a group of country folk guitar, guitar, acoustic bass, accordion, percussion and vocal. They are songs with stories of everyday life in the countryside and nature, leading to a conducive environment to enjoy the farm

The show “ Tem Piano no Samba ” shows that it is possible to make the perfect union of a classic instrument with the batucadas of the most Brazilian samba, offering a unique experience, perfect for relaxed meetings.

The show “ The history of Samba” takes a tour of the main samba successes, involving the audience with the stories and the rhythm that puts everyone to dance. Its trajectory is interpreted by Quinteto Água de Benzê and dancers that enchant the public and put everyone to dance.

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