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Farm Experiences

Farm Experiences


Coffee Tour

from Plantation to Tasting

At the Hotel you can learn about the entire process carried out at the Fazenda since its foundation in 1872, for the making of the exclusive Dona Carolina coffee. The Tour brings all the details and care with the quality of the plantation until you get your cup.

* Consult the day's schedule.

tour do café
tour da cachaça

Cachaça Tour

from Plantation to Tasting

The entire process, from planting to bottling, is done at the Hotel and you will be accompanied on an exclusive tour. From distillation to aging made in oak barrels, imported exclusively from Scotland, the cachaça Dona Carolina is the true artisanal production of this famous Brazilian drink.

* Consult the day's schedule.


Historical Farm 

of the 18th Century

A trip to the past, preserved since the founding of the Farm, monitored by a specialized guide who will tell the whole fabulous story behind more than 150 years of building the site, where the Hotel is today.

* Consult the day's schedule.

tour historico

little farm

Have pleasant moments on a delicious differentiated tractor ride to our farm and feel even more inland when experiencing this contact with animals.

* Consult the day's schedule.  

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Knowledge about food, hygiene, equipment and the routine of the horses.

* Consult the day's schedule.


Horse Riding

With well-kept tracks and trails, parents and children can enjoy family moments, mounted on the most beautiful animals.

* Activity charged separately.

passeio a cavalo

*consultar regras para utilização.

passeio de charrete
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Horse-drawn carriage ride

A fantastic tour in which guests, of all ages, can enjoy the landscape of the property and learn about all the activities of the farm.

* Activity charged separately.


Pony Ride

The guided pony ride takes place around the equestrian center. It can be an excellent option for the fun and approach of the little ones with these animals. Have a good time.

* Activity charged separately.

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